The importance of home staging

Selling a house in the current economic situation is no easy task. I sold my house several months ago, and it took me about three months to sell. One of the most important things we did to get it sold was to stage it well. We removed the clutter from our house, including toys, extra books, and anything that took up unnecessary space. We took down all of our personal photos as well. We removed furniture that was too large, and set up our house to look spacious and well-designed. I think simple is a good word for it. The minimum amount of furniture, but with design touches that make the appeal strong. People need to be able to picture themselves living there. We also did some minor renovations on the house, such as tiling our bathroom floors and countertops. People are looking for updates, and it isn't all that expensive to create a look that appeals to current buyers. Our bathroom looked amazing after we finished, and I am certain that it helped us sell.

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