They lost our moving trailer

My family and I were excited when we arrived at the new house. Every empty room was a possibility. I called the movers to see what time the trailer would show up, and heard frightening news. The moving company didn’t have record of my trailer anywhere in their system. I tried to stay calm while I recounted the history. Your driver picked up my trailer a week ago. I watched him connect the trailer and drive away with it. The girl on the phone looked through the inventory in every state. My trailer was nowhere to be found. She promised to check a couple things and call me back. For the next couple of hours, I couldn’t concentrate on anything as I waited to see if she could find the trailer that contained everything I own. I called her back, but she said one of her drivers was still looking. I called the insurance company to see what would happen if I lost everything I owned. Then I called the movers again. She found it. My trailer was still sitting in the trailer yard, unmoved. I was thrilled that they found the trailer, but now it was going to be several days while my trailer made its way across the country to our new home. We bought blankets and slept on the floor of our empty house for several nights. No one was ever so happy to see their old, ratty belongings as we were when that trailer arrived.

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