tips to sell it

when i decided to sell our home it starts really when you first move in, by keeping the house in good condition which means, maintaining paint work indoors and out, keeping such things as gas appliances maintained and up to date, you do not have to have double glazing, but windows should be kept painted. keep rooms clutter free and tidy, small rooms should not be over decorated in heavy prints so as to seem larger than they really are. Carpets should be cleaned regularly and kitchen and bathrooms should be maintained and kept clean, do not build extensions if you have no desire to stay at the house permanently or are sure you can pay in full as it does become a noose around your neck, keeping gardens tidy is a must as this is the first thing you see when a prospective buyer enters the house, does not have to have lavish flowers if you are not a keen gardener, but a cut lawn and tidy flower beds helps, it also shows you care, when the house is on the market you should keep the house tidy, keeps some air freshener handy and a quick polish before the buyers arrive, the aroma of coffee is suppose to be a good seller. when your prospective buyer arrives allow them room to get the feel of the house, stand back, try to keep the atmosphere natural, if the kids are watching television let them carry on, do not switch the television off, make sure rooms are well ventilated and light and airy with curtains pulled back, a nice vase of flowers helps make a room feel nice, ornaments well placed, not many people like orange walls so keep painted walls a pleasant color such as creams and whites,pictures on walls well placed helps to focus a room but do not hang too many. Stair cases should be kept free of clutter try to put coats away in a cupboard with shoes etc, make sure the front garden is tidy, this gives first impressions about the house and its occupants, it shows it has been cared for, hopefully these tips will help in the sale.

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