Top Moving Tip

My top moving tip is Colored Stickers My wife and I have moved five times over the past eight years and while we finally feel like we can settle down in our new home, we picked up some tips on making moving easier along the way. During our second move we decided to purchase a few packages of small circular stickers that are used to price items at garage sales. Typically, these packages cost 2 or 3 dollars and there are four colors on each page. Each page is an exact replica and you can gauge how many packages you need depending on how many boxes you have. As you are packing up your items to move, place on sticker on the top of the box and one on the side and assign a color for each room of the new home. For example, green means kitchen, blue means bathroom, etc. Placing the stickers on the top and the side makes it easier when you are unloading the boxes so that you don't have to search for the small stickers. This approach has saved us a lot of time and effort, it costs only a few dollars, and it doesn't take very much effort. This tip is especially helpful if you have friends or family members helping you move.

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