Traveling Cross Country

When my ex-husband and I split up, I'd been in Albuquerque for five years. I'd built a life there; I'd also been homesick for Boston much of that time. I love to travel; I was on a cross-country road trip when I met my ex. When we separated and I headed home, I decided to go on a road trip on the way, via Greyhound bus. I left New Mexico and went straight to Waco, Texas. I stayed with friends I'd previously only known on the internet, their kids and puppy. I had a fantastic time; they made me feel like a member of their family for the week I was there. I got to visit friends in Tennessee, Ohio, Toronto, Florida and Iowa; except for Ohio, I'd never visited any of those places previously. I met a lot of amazing people. When I got back home, I went to stay with a friend in New Hampshire; I spent the summer working from home, writing short stories on an old typewriter. After two months, I came back to Boston and have been here ever since. While I haven't traveled again and I really wish I could afford to go on another road trip, being home with lots of friends nearby certainly beats being stuck in an unfamiliar place without knowing many people! I truly learned this lesson by coming home after missing Boston for so long.

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