Used Moving Boxes

Here are some ideas for finding used moving boxes:

1. Freecycle (find a local group in yahoo groups)You can place a "wanted" add to request any items, money is not allowed to be exchanged on these groups. I am an active member in my community.

2. Craigslist.comThere should be a local craigslist in your area. Simply type in "moving boxes" and you will find locals trying to sell them. packing boxes 3. Used resellers (do a yahoo local search or look in your phone book)

4. Visit dollar stores and ask the manager. Most grocers and large scale retailers sell there corregated and will NOT give away boxes. But the smaller retailers are more likely to offer them.

5. Go trash hunting. Yes, drive around on trash day and look for freebies. Go to a new build neighborhood and you'll likely have more luck.

6. Hospitals. They recieve lots of shipments per day. Ask their building manager if they give freebies.

7. Ask your friends/neigbors, put it on facebook, you get the idea.

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