Warming Ceremony

I was staying in my ancestral house, and it was during the time of partition that my family had to shift to another house. My family knew in advance that we had to shift to another home. I remember the first day of preparation we did not have any idea and mostly messed the things up. Then my mother came up with an idea that we are going to organize and do everything. My father was busy in giving the final touch for our new home. We started preparing nearly one month before house warming. My mother and I bought some vessels and other important house hold items. We ordered for beds, furnishes etc. we left some items that we had a chance that will come to us as gifts from friends and family. We invited our friends and relatives for the new house warming ceremony. My father took care of arrangements for their well being. A week before we started arranging the house with furniture. My mother was busy arranging kitchen and she made up a big list of items to start up cooking. Those days were so busy that house warming ceremony came fast than expected. As expected we received a lot of house hold items and furniture as gifts. The same night we arranged the gifts and made up a list of things that we will have to buy. This method helped us a lot. We did not waste a lot of money. We just had to wait only for a week to get settled in to a normal life. Many of the furniture could have been wasted if we did not wait for the ceremony. It was my mother�s idea to wait and then decide. This helped us a lot for building up a sweet home without spending a lot of money.

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