We needed a bigger house

I sold my house one month ago. I was born and brought there, so I always had personal attachment to that house. I never wanted to sell the house, but had to do so in an important situation. My parents and my family stayed in the same house. I have two kids. Therefore, it was very inconvenient to for all of us stay there. We decided to buy a new house. We found a suitable house online and approach the owner. The new house seemed quite spacious and convenient. The price was a bit high. We could not manage to make the huge amount soon. Hence, we decided to sell our house. Finally, I gave an online advertisement. So many enquiries had come. Some came to see the house, but the price offered was less. I waited for a week. Finally, a genuine customer approached and so we could sell our house on a reasonable price within 3 weeks. We registered our new house after 2 weeks. Shifting was the next procedure. Shifting was difficult for me with my two kids. So, I made them stay in my uncles house for days. I had informed a movers and packers company. They shifted the whole materials to the new house within a day. I felt much relieved after the process of shifting was over. The new house was a different experience. This place is a good residential area. So we have good neighbors around. Everyone had a gloom of leaving the old house and neighbors. However, thankfully we all started adjusting to the new atmosphere and started loving our new house.

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