Get the photos right

by RE photographer

As a real estate photographer I deal with people who are ready to sell their homes. Many are unaware that staging a home for photographs is just as important as setting the home up for an open house. These days finding a home online is merely a few mouse clicks away and most people who are shopping online for homes are looking for the best pictures of the home possible. This is where I come in, I help set up the place so that it looks warm, inviting and well put together. Specifically I went into one home that was on the market for about 2 months and was asked to stage and take pictures of the home. I threw out ideas of changing wall colors and re-arranging furniture to give an open feel to the home. The homeowner had a budget of $200 so we had to make due with what was available but it was easily done with a little creativity and a little elbow grease. After the owner did what was asked I took the photos of the place and the house had several offers within a week. I feel that staging and professional real estate photography made the home sell.

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