How we sold our house

by Pradeep
(Chennai, India)

This is about how we sold our house and moved to new location. It all started due to a job transfer, I had to relocate to Delhi. The active topic those days in my family was how to sell my house within a span of one month. The challenge was I didn’t want to compromise on the price to make a quick sale. Initially, we tried selling our 3BHK house with no involvement of house brokers to avoid the commission (usually commission varies in range of 5%-8%). We took digital photographs and started advertising on Newspaper & free sites like and Unfortunately, no response from serious buyers. Finally, I had to approach brokers and real estate agents to have it sold at 75 lacs Rupees and negotiated a brokerage of 5% on the selling price. This step really worked out for me. We had a minimum of two buyers visiting our house. However due to price most of them were not interested. The time when I was losing hope and planned to rent my house, I got a prospect buyer and post negotiation, it was sold for 71 lacs. After paying off the commission of around Rs.4.5 lacs I was able to pocket around Rs.67 lacs. Now the challenge was relocation. I was in Chennai for around 8 years and my house was stocked with lots of household utilities which was supposed to be moved along with us. Here I didn’t go stingy and opted for Agarwal Movers and packers, who are one of the best in industry. I had to pay around Rs.1.2 Lacs to the movers and packers. However I didn’t regret as our things reached safe and undamaged and also the cost was reimbursed by our company. Overall it was quite a stressful month, right from finding a buyer to moving my family to Delhi.

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