How to sell a house

This article will discuss how to sell a house by owner. Let's take it room by room on how to prepare the home.

This is not staging it is preparation. If you want staging help, go to this page on home staging.


One of the biggest selling points of a home is the kitchen. 1. Updated appliances
2. Clean cabinets
3. Uncluttered pantry
4. Uncluttered countertops
5. Clean fridge inside and out (yes people will look)
6. Updated color/decor
7. Clean/unstained flooring


1. Clean walls
2. Clean fixtures/windows
3. NO POSTERS, even in kids rooms
4. Uncluttered: no piles of Anything, Anywhere.

Dining Room/ Office

1. Uncluttered
2. No extra furniture
3. No repurposed room (No treadmills in a dining room or office)
4. No personal info lying around in office (identity theft)


1. Sparkling Clean toilets, showers, floors, sinks
2. Tubs caulked or re-surfaced if necessary
3. New toilet lids
4. New wastebasket
5. New towels

garden home


1. Yard mowed
2. Trees/bushes trimmed
3. Seasonal flowers planted
4. Flower beds mulched
5. Porches free of clutter and swept
6. NO junk cars, or anything around
7. Fences neat and tidy


1. At least one car must fit in garage
2. NO boxes in garage: send to storage
3. Floor clean
4. No trash in garage


1. Very tidy
2. No stacks of misc junk
3. Minimal clothes in closets to help appear bigger


1. All windows must be clean
2. Window coverings on all windows: blinds, curtains, shades
3. Carpets professionally cleaned
4. Tile professionally cleaned
5. Fireplace clean
6. No litter boxes on site. Recommend sending indoor animals to a friends/ relatives during showings.

Now you are ready to put your 4 sale by owner sign out in the yard. Well maybe not, but close....

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