Moving Away From My Condo

It was apparent that I was not going to be able to continue making my mortgage payments on the condomineum I had owned and lived in for seven years. I had never missed a mortgage payment. But now, without work and with a very bad recession in place, I decided that the best thing to do would be to pack up and leave. I mailed the key to the condo to the mortgage company, after I had done my best to sell all of the contents of the home. The condo was full of beautiful antique furniture which I had accumulated over the years. Fortunately, those at the law firm where I had worked came over and bought everything. They got great prices of course, but seemed to want to help out too, knowing that I planned to leave California for good and return to Virginia. I had spent some time clearing out and cleaning up the condo. Unfortunately, there were still a couple of pieces of furniture left at the very end which I could not move and I decided just to leave them there. The next problem would be my two cats. I could not take them to Virginia with me because the relatives at the home where I would be staying temporarily could not shelter them. I took them to a safe shelter for cats where they would never be put to sleep. It broke my heart to leave my cats behind and I spent several minutes in tears outside of the shelter before gathering myself for the long trip ahead. The trip across the country was calm and uneventful. I drove several hundred miles each day and then stopped at a motel in the evening. Finally I arrived in Virginia and found my bright new bedroom waiting in my relatives home. It was a joyous time and a fresh new start for me. Within just a few weeks I was already working again. What started out to be a fairly stressful experience ultimately proved to be a worthwhile and meaningful new direction for my life. The point of my story is - don't be afraid of foreclosure, and don't delay the inevitable. Sometimes the hardest step to take with real estate is the first step and at times that may just be out of the door.

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