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A must do before listing your home for sale. You must declutter that house!

Decluttering is not optional to making your home show ready. Remember first impressions mean everything And piles of junk everywhere or too many knick-knacks to a potential buyer, are like salt in a wound.

When we were house hunting this last year, if I saw a cluttered house, I turned around and walked right out. My thoughts are if it is cluttered and nasty, they dont take care of the house. AND they are likely going to leave it a total mess when they leave and who wants to deal with that?

The key word here is MINIMIZE.Here are some minimizing tips going room to room:


All countertops should have minimal items. No personal care items or medications visable in any room but especially the kitchen. GROSS.

No cleaning items visable.

NO stacks of anything anywhere. Fridge needs to be clean and pantry organized.

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You should be able to see the ceiling and the floor. If you cannot, then time to box up and store or get rid of some things. Cram packed closets lead people to believe there is not enough closet space. Consider a pod or renting a storage unit.

Remove off season clothing and store. Less in there will make the closets appear bigger. Roomy closets are a biggy for sales.


Only items on counters should be a few decor items. NO personal care items on counters. This includes toothbrush holders. IN THE Drawers.

No dirty clothes lying around.


NO repurposed bedrooms. Bedrooms should be bedrooms. If you repurpose a room as an office, the buyers will say "oh, this house does not have an office".

No piles of clothing anywhere.

Kids rooms should be kept. Keep toys in bins or baskets.

Wall rule: each wall may have up to 5 photos or decor items on them. NO MORE.


If you have a one car garage then a car should fit in there. If you have a two car garage then at least one car should fit in there.

Do NOT use garage to store boxes/bins.

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The key here is neat and clean.

No trash or junk piles/cars.

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